Free collection site, welcome webmaster submission

Web site listing principle

1, do not include reactionary, pornography, gambling and other objectionable content or provide links to objectionable content, as well as website name or content in violation of relevant national policies and regulations.

2. Websites containing viruses, trojans, pop-up plug-ins or malicious changes to others' computer Settings, and websites with multiple pop-up advertisements are not included.

3, do not include the site name and the actual content does not match the site, such as your site is under construction, or has not yet defined the theme of the site, please do not apply for inclusion now, you are welcome to re-apply after the completion of your site construction.

4, no income attached to other sites, no actual content, only provide the domain name to the website or only a single page of content website.

5, public welfare sites, or content does have a unique site will be included first.

6. The Website reserves the right to include and edit the relevant content in the website database.

Paid quick access [Google direction traffic]

1, no need to wait, no need for friend chain; One payment, permanent collection.

2. Quick review price: 100 RMB/station; Refuse to haggle and respect each other.

3, inclusion process: please submit the website information in the form below, after direct QQ contact site administrator. Contact webmaster QQ: 305525118

4, note: if the paid inclusion of the website appears "the site can not access for a long time/release of illegal information/subject content significant change" situation, I have the right to cancel the website included, and will try to inform through QQ/ email and other ways.